The European EMTP-ATP Conference seeks papers in all aspects of power system transient simulations using the ATP-EMTP program, including but not limited to:
• Solution methods and algorithms: verifications, comparisons.
• Development of new simulation tools.
• Development and implementation of new models:
• Circuit breakers and electric arc.
• HV transmission lines, cables, MV distribution systems, covered conductors.
• Transformers, reactors, electrical machines, wind generators and drives.
• Renewable energy sources, PV systems.
• Power Line Telecommunication systems.
• Power system studies and measurements:
• Switching surges, inrush transients, Ferro resonance.
• Lightning surges, insulation coordination.
• Harmonics and power quality.
• Very fast transients, EMC, EMP, LEMP
• Power electronics, SVC, FACTS and control.
• Power system protection, new algorithms.
• Using ATP-EMTP in power eng. education.
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